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We Japanese every time use Kanji all the time, in spite of it being is Chinese script.Basically, Chinese and Japanese are closely related in origin. However there are differences between them. One day, I met a foreigner who had a big Kanji tattoo on his arm and for me, it was hard to keep a straight face. The tattoo on his arm said "便所", meaning "toilet". I think that foreigners tattoo Kanji on their bodies because they think of it as a cool design, but you must check the meaning of a certain Kanji before doing anything with it.

After all, 忍者 (ninja: spy) and 侍 (samurai: warrior) are very popular at present. I will show you several related Kanji.

武士: bushi, warrior.
刃: yaiba, blade.
刀: katana, sword.
切腹: seppuku, commit ritual suicide.
勝利 shori, victory.
剛: go, strong
剣: tsurugi, straight sword.
命: life.
将: commander.
魂: tamashii. soul.

These are popular in foreigner.

美: bi, beauty.
風: kaze, wind.
道: michi, way.
響: hibiki, sound.
夢: yume, dream.
旅: tabi, travel.
働: hatara(ku), work.
愛: ai: love.
花: hana, flower.
進: susu(mu), proceed.

Popular in internet user below,
雨: ame, rain.
酒: sake: rice wine.
骨: hone, bone.
凸凹: dekoboko, unevenness.
虫: mushi, insect,
神: kami, god.
天使: tenshi, angel
世界一:No1 all over the word.
鬼: oni, devil.

You must give up to tattoo on your body.
大便: daiben, faeces.
小便: shouben, pee.
糞: kuso, shit.
馬鹿: baka, stupid.
愛人: aijin, another man or woman.

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